Bed Bugs

At our company, we are proud of defending the residents from bed bugs. Sadly, it appears they  are becoming an increasingly troublesome problem. The reasons why the number of them in Fountain Valley are increasing is not known, but it’s likely caused by the increase in people buying used furniture Craigslist and inadvertently bringing these bugs into their home.

bed bug control fountain valley

You will get relief faster when you call our expert bed bug exterminators!

We can not think of any person who is okay with bed bugs in their living space. You really can’t ignore these pests. They feast on you while you are asleep by using their stylet to pierce the skin. They literally saw through the skin to feed on blood vessels. They will usually feed for a few minutes, then return to their hiding spot. The spot on the skin will usually swell up and become quite itchy.

You can often see themselves in and around the crevices of your bed. They lay their eggs in the seams of the mattress usually. It’s not unusual to not realize you have it until you wake up with bites all over your body or blood and fecal spots on the bedding. If you see this, you need to call us at 714-660-2997, immediately! Do not continue sleeping in your home with a bed bug problem!

If you think these frustrating bugs are present on your property our tech experts can treat all your bed bug problems and provide the treatment you need! If you would like the most effective pest solution, then you should call our specialists today!

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